About Us

My husband David and I, along with our three daughters, live in a small town of 506 people, in Northern Idaho. We own the local saw shop and general store in our town. Shortly after our move to Idaho, my husband built a custom log home for his parents and loved the experience so much, that he decided to go into custom home building. We currently live on a small farm 3 miles outside of town with a dairy cow, two ponies, lambs and some laying hens and of course our GSP’s. We enjoy the mountainous terrain in the Palouse hills of Northern Idaho. My youngest daughter Stephanie, received 2 ducks for her birthday. Coffee and Tea as she calls them, are carefully watched over not only by her but also by our 7 mo. old German Shorthaired Pointer as he stands on point eagerly awaiting the opportunity for a retrieve.
We often dreamed of one day buying an AKC registered dog but the question of what breed to buy, we needed to answer.
In 2016, I began searching the AKC website looking at every breed from A-Z. I quickly fell in love with the irresistible looks of the GSP puppies. Not only were they great looking puppies but as they got older, I noticed they still had that irresistible look. I convinced my husband that we should buy one and he agreed. So, we purchased our first GSP and fell in love with her quick learning and strong desire to please. Now that we owned one German Shorthaired Pointer, we decided we needed another. This time, David searched endless ads looking for the perfect pointer. After coming across an ad for a trained, three-year-old female, we contacted the seller in Kalamazoo, Michigan and a few months later, purchased our second German Shorthaired Pointer. We were impressed by the calm temperaments and loyalty of their dogs.
The Kalamazoo couple are some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. They have become very dear friends to my husband and I and have taught us so much about the true German Shorthaired Pointers. These dogs are a dual purpose dog and that’s what we liked best. They are known for hunting, pointing and retrieving as well as making an excellent family companion.
Our goal is to raise top quality German Shorthaired Pointers and carry on the legacy that the Kalamazoo couple worked so hard to achieve, for over 48 years.

David and Tori Salmeri